The World's Highest Places and Attractions That You Can Visit (2023)

As humans, we've always had an undeniable fascination with high places. Whether its towering buildings, tall bridges, or high cliff faces, we seem to be drawn to places that take us increasingly higher above the ground. Maybe it's the views that accompany such lofty locations or perhaps we're simply enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with our elevated adventures.

Because of this, travelers are always on the lookout for increasingly higher places to visit on their journeys. With that in mind, here are a few places to have on your "must-visit" list for future trips.

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Dine in the Sky in Dubai

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122nd Floor - Burj Khalifa - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone+971 4 888 3828

For those looking for a unique dining experience, head to Dubai, and book a reservation at At.mosphere. Located inside the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, this restaurant sits at the height of 1,450 feet and offers stunning views of the surrounding city, with the waters of the Persian Gulf glistening in the distance. The food is delicious, the drinks are lovely, and the atmosphere (pun fully intended!) is top-notch. Those who are afraid of heights may not want to stray to close to the windows that stretch 360 degrees in all directions; however, as the dizzying drop just outside the building can leave you breathless.

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Sip Drinks Up in the Ozone in Hong Kong

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118/F, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre (ICC), 1 Austin Rd W, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Phone+852 2263 2270

There are few bars anywhere in the world that can hold a candle to Ozone, an atmospheric and bustling hot spot located on the roof of the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong. Richly decorated, and featuring live DJs on a nightly basis, the bar serves up imaginative drinks and small plate snacks, while offering both indoor and outdoor seating. The best part is, Ozone is located on the 118th floor, which not only makes it the highest bar in the world, but the best place to catch the lights of the lively and enthralling city that surrounds it.

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Soak Up the View From the World's Highest Observation Deck in Shanghai

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China, Shang Hai Shi, Pu Dong Xin Qu, 陆家嘴 Lujiazui, 银城中路501号 邮政编码: 200120

Phone+86 21 6199 9766

While the Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world—behind the Burj Khalifa—it does happen to be home to the tallest observation deck in the world. Located on the 118th floor, the Shanghai Tower observation deck offers stunning views of the famous city from which it derives its name. The deck itself is called the Top of Shanghai, and it is reached via an incredibly fast elevator. Those wanting to visit this sky-high location are whisked up to the floor aboard an elevator that completes the trip in just 55 seconds. That's about 43 miles per hour, for those keeping track at home.

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Spend the Night in the World's Highest Hotel

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When searching for the world's highest hotel, travelers have two options. They can book a stay in the Gevora Hotel in Dubai, which at 1,169 feet in height, is technically the tallest in the world. From the upper floors, the views are as exceptional as you would expect with the city splayed out below. Here, travelers will enjoy all of the comfort and refinement they would expect from a top-tier hotel found in a major international destination.

For something completely different, make a reservation to stay in the Hotel Tayka del Desierto instead. This remote and rustic resort is found in the Silolli Desert in Bolivia at an altitude of 15,091 feet. At that height, it won't just be the views that will take your breath away, as the thin air will undoubtedly be felt. Close by, you'll find several amazing attractions, however, including a field of geysers, salt lakes filled with flamingos, and a bright green lake that has to be seen to be believed.

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Take a Ride on the World's Highest Ferris Wheel

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3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

Phone+1 702-322-0593

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There are several iconic and well-known ferris wheels across the globe, including the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. But currently, the tallest of these rides is found in Las Vegas, which is where the High Roller resides. At 550 feet in height, it is a towering experience. Taking a spin is a 30-minute experience, with travelers safely enclosed inside comfortable and spacious cabins, where views of the Vegas lights are amongst the best in the entire city.

The High Roller is expected to relinquish its crown as the "world's tallest" in late 2020, however. A new ferris wheel is under construction in Dubai that will reach a height of 688 feet, putting it head and shoulders above the competition.

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Get Your Thrills on the World's Tallest Roller Coaster

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1 Six Flags Blvd, Jackson, NJ 08527, USA

Phone+1 732-928-2000

If riding a giant ferris wheel isn't thrilling enough, then consider taking on the Kingda Ka roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari in New Jersey. This is the tallest roller coaster in the world at the moment, topping out at an astounding 456 feet in height. For reference, that means it rises higher than a 45-story building. But for Kingda Ka, it isn't just about the height, as it is also one of the fastest rides in the world too, accelerating from 0 to 128 miles per hour in only 3.5 seconds. For those in need of a serious adrenaline rush, this coaster has you covered.

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Soar Down the World's Highest Zipline in France

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Maison de Val Thorens, Grande Rue, 73440 Val Thorens, France

Phone+33 4 79 00 08 08

For a completely different kind of adrenaline rush, why not give the world's highest zipline a go? Located at the Val Thorens ski resort in Savoie, France, "La Tyrolienne" takes riders down a mountain situated in the Alps. Starting at an altitude of 10,597 feet and plunging more than 4,265 feet in under two minutes, this is an exhilarating and wild ride. Speeds can approach more than 60 miles per hour, with the stunning alpine backdrop adding to the entire experience. Not for the faint of heart, this is a zipline unlike any other.

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Test Your Skills on the World's Highest Road in Bolivia

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Uturunku, Bolivia

Want to put your motoring skills to the test while visiting a high-altitude location? Why not go for a drive on the Uturuncu road in Bolivia. This route holds the distinction of being the tallest drivable (and openly accessible) road on the planet, climbing to a height of 18,800 feet along the Uturuncu Volcano. While not paved, or especially easy to drive, it is possible to do the climb in a suitably equipped vehicle. You'll still fall a bit short of the summit of the double-cratered volcano, however, so be prepared to hike the remaining 900 feet to reach the top.

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Drive Across the World's Highest Bridge in China

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HRVJ+349, Zhongshan District, Liupanshui, Liupanshui, Guizhou, China, 553001

Drivers with nerves of steel will find the Duge Bridge, which separates the Guizhou and Yunnan provinces in China, to be a unique experience. The bridge, which opened in 2016, is the highest in the world, standing 1,850 feet above the Beipan River below. In other words, if you're afraid of heights or get vertigo quickly, you may want to let someone else take the wheel. The bridge stretches for 4,400 feet across the open valley, making it a relatively long span as well.

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Take a High-Altitude Hike in Africa

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A trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro is a favorite bucket-list trip for every adventurous traveler. That's because Kili—as the locals in Tanzania refer to it—is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world and the highest peak on the African continent. It is also amongst the loftiest of hikes, too, taking trekkers up to 19,341 feet on the way to the summit. Yes, there are higher mountains and trails located in other parts of the world, but many of them require special gear, training, and the use of ropes to overcome technical challenges. Not so on Kilimanjaro, where anyone who has a decent level of fitness, the ability to handle a week on the trail, and an adventurous spirit has a chance of reaching the top.

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Visit the World's Highest Observatory in the Atacama Desert

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Chile, Antofagasta, San Pedro de Atacama, アントファガスタ チリ

The Atacama Desert, located in Northern Chile, is known as the driest place on Earth. It also happens to be home to some of the highest astronomical observatories on the planet as well, including the University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory, which is found at an altitude of 18,503 feet, making it the highest of the high. Located on the summit of a peak called Cerro Chajnantor, the observatory isn't open to the public regularly. But ambitious trekkers can hike to its location, which offers some of the most stunning views of the night sky imaginable. With no light pollution, dust, or water vapor in the air, the sky comes alive with the glow of a billion stars, making it easy to understand why this place was picked as the home for this research station.

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Experience the World's Highest Waterfall in Venezuela

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Angel Falls, 8011, Bolívar, Venezuela

At a staggering 3,212 feet in height, Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world. Located inside theCanaima National Park in Venezuela, the water cascades down the side of a Tepui mountain where the Churun River hits the edge. This popular tourist destination can be visited by boat, on foot, or from the air, allowing adventurous travelers to take in the awe-inspiring sight from many different vantage points.

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Mt. Everest in Nepal and Tibet

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No list of the world's highest places and attractions would be complete without including Mt. Everest. At 29,029 feet, it is the highest peak in the world, drawing hundreds of climbers on an annual basis. But thanks to a steep price tag and a significant physical challenge, most of us will never actually reach the summit. Still, it is possible to visit the mountain in both Nepal and Tibet.

From the Nepali side of the mountain, travelers can make the trek to Everest Base Camp, spending 10 or more days hiking in the Himalaya. This iconic hike is a challenge in its own right but offers spectacular views and the chance to interact with the Nepali people. Those looking to get close to Everest without having to work too hard can drive to Base Camp on the Tibetan side of the mountain. The thin air and high altitude still make for quite an experience—and the payoff is an excellent view of the summit upon approach.

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