Construction Management Software For Small Business - (2023)

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Procore Construction Management Software Overview

We recommend you start your search for the best construction management software for small business by signing up for the free trials or demo offered by leading construction management software providers. This will help you learn more about the features of each software and how it can help to boost your business productivity. To start, register for the free trials of the following apps which received impressive SmartScore rankings in our construction management software reviews: CoConstruct,Procore reviews, In4Suite, BuilderTREND, Deltek Ajera, and ToolWatch Enterprise and do a comparison of their features to make the right choice.

Free trials let you use a software for a certain period, enough to give you an idea of the softwares features and how do they work. A good way to take advantage of these free trials is to try out multiple software until you find the one that specifically suits your needs.

How To Choose Construction Accounting Software

When choosing a construction accounting software platform, there are three areas of consideration that you should consider. The first area is cost. You want a platform that fits your overall budget and provides as much value without needing to upgrade with other subscriptions or customized solutions.

Ease of use is the second thing to consider. Not only do you and your employees need to feel comfortable using the system but so do clients and subcontractors if you integrate them into the bidding and project management process. Look for a solution that has a simple dashboard that allows you to access everything from the GL to reports with a few clicks of the mouse.

Finally, you want to find a solution that you can customize if you have special reporting or processing needs. This may be relevant for larger companies that have multiple projects that they manage simultaneously and need to create comprehensive reports and cash flow data for stakeholders.

Competitive Advantages Of Using Construction Pm Software

Firms that implement and make use of these systems can gain the following competitive advantages:

  • Scale your business. Most firms start out using manual methodspen and paper or spreadsheetsto track projects, but eventually reach a breaking point. Either they take on more jobs, hire more people or they suffer a claim or a lawsuit from a mistake that could have been prevented. Construction PM software offers a more disciplined approach to managing projects and people.

  • Operate more efficiently. If you had a way to standardize processes on job sites, reduce confusion around change orders and track purchase orders and job costs, why wouldn’t you use it? Construction PM software can offer this and more, helping your firm adhere to regulations and streamline communications among workers and clients. With access to a centralized repository of pictures, blueprints, punch lists and other job documentation, you can make operations more efficient and cut down on costly mistakes.

  • Increase the number of jobs completed on time and on budget. One of the greatest advantages these systems offer is increased visibility into estimated versus actual project costs. This transparency can help you adhere to budgets and schedules and alert managers and executives when projects are in danger of exceeding those benchmarks. Ultimately, these tools help firms complete more projects on time and on budget.

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Create Asana Tasks From New Emails In Gmail

Asana Price: Free for up to 15 team members, 3 views, and basic features from $10.99/user/month for the Premium plan that includes additional features like the admin console, advanced reporting, custom fields, Timeline view, and more.

If you don’t like the Asana interface, try Zoho Projects or Freedcamp, both of which offer flexible project formats.

What Type Of Buyer Are You

Construction Management Software For Small Business - (1)

Before you dive into the details of various bidding oversight and productivity systems, you will want to identify yourself with one of the buyer types weve detailed below.

Procurement buyer. This category of buyer is highly specialized in procurement processes and demands sophisticated functionality. Their firm prioritizes cost control and efficient procurement processes, and is therefore focused intently on sophisticated functionality. These buyers will typically seek top best-of-breed construction bid management software systems.

Project manager. This type of buyer works at a firm where procurement is managed from within the project managing function. These project managers are responsible for selecting suppliers and subcontractors and it therefore makes sense to use bidding technology modules offered within the firms project system, rather than implement a separate bidding manager system.

General estimator. This buyer works in the estimating function at a firm that places procurement responsibility within the estimating department. The estimator is primarily focused on getting high-level pricing from subs, and then comparing those bids. As such, these buyers prefer to use the basic solicitation tracking and management functionality available within commercial estimating systems.

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Wrikes Free & Professional Plans

That aside, Wrike is a solid pick, made even more solid by its free plan, which offers basic functionality for up to five users. Check out our article on Wrike pricing for the details.

If you decide to go the paid route, the basic Professional plan is good value at just under $120 per user per year, but the Business plan is quite the leap at almost $300 per user per year. You can judge for yourself whether thats worth it using the 14-day free trial.


  • Navigation is a bit annoying
  • Privacy policy is a bit iffy

nTask is a little tricky to place: we like a lot about it, but it falls a tiny bit short in a few places, keeping it from the top spot. However, if you need a solid project management system that will cost you very little money, then nTask is the best cheap project management software out there. Read the details in our full nTask review.

nTask is filled to the brim with all kinds of features, some of which may come off a bit weird, such as the grid and gallery views we have no idea what theyre supposed to achieve. Other than that, though, nTask offers a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to track and manage projects even with larger teams.

These include a kanban board, a Gantt chart, a list and a few other doodads. nTask also comes with built-in Agile functionality, which will come in handy for any team working within that methodology . The only drag to this excellent functionality is navigation, which can quickly become a clickfest.

Why Builders Benefit From Using Construction Management Software

There are many reasons to consider using construction management software rather than relying on spreadsheets. Perhaps the most important benefit is that such software can help you save time and money.

Other benefits include improved communication and coordination among team members, increased accuracy of estimates and schedules, and better visibility into project progress. In short, using construction management software can help you achieve a more successful construction project.

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Construction Project Management Software For Mac Users

Fortunately for Mac users, most of the best construction project management software companies offer cloud-based products. This means that users can access the software from any device online using a web browser. Additionally, many of the same companies also offer an iOS app that builders can use in the field on their iPhones or iPads.

These are the best construction project management software options for Mac users:

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud

Procore is one of the most popular and complete construction project management software products on the market. Their customer reputation is stellar, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and positive reviews across the web. Procore went public in May of 2021 after operating as a private company based in California since 2002. Along with project management, Procore offers field service, quality and safety management, and financial management software as well.


  • The best user interface of any product we reviewed
  • Core construction project management functionality is the best on the market
  • Outstanding customer service, training, and ongoing technical support


  • Its not possible to get a price estimate from Procore without speaking to a sales rep
  • Lacks comprehensive accounting capabilities
  • Certain workflows lack flexibility and can be challenging to set up

Is Quickbooks A Construction Management Software

best construction project management software for small business contractor management software

QuickBooks Online has been used successfully by thousands of construction companies. While not an industry-specific construction management software, the solution can handle the needed accounting for most construction businesses. This includes managing job costs, tracking time and expenses for projects, and running various reports on a job/project level.

However, QuickBooks may be limiting what a construction business can do technologically. Fortunately, a number of QuickBooks alternatives are available for construction businesses that have outgrown the product. The research over the past few years shows more than 35% of construction businesses have been looking to upgrade from QuickBooks in some way.

Many QuickBooks users fall for the seductive marketing messages that boast âeasy to set up, easy to learn to useâ and fall prey to the myth of do-it-yourself accounting,”

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Best Project Management Software For Ultimate Project Flexibility

In a cluttered world of modern project management software, stands out as a profoundly effective tool that supports multiple project management styles, giving you full control over how you want to visualize and organize your work.

Its interface is intuitive and well-designed, with an easy hierarchy of elements. On the far left is the navigation sidebar, where you can access the various projects, stats, message inbox, and your personal task list. The main area displays a list of tasks, their due dates, and who each task is assigned to. Each task can be assigned to multiple projects in case of overlap and can have an infinite number of subtasks.

Where Asana shines most is in its flexibility: there’s no right or wrong way to create your project, project sections, or tasks. The default view is the list format, which is clean and easy to scan for due dates and assignees. But you can also switch to a board, timeline, calendar, or dashboard layout.

Asana allows you to create task and project templates, but its default setup is completely open-ended: the only required part of any task is a title. After that, you’re free to add a description, organizational tags, custom fields , due dates, assignees, and more. Still, with all the possibilities for adding information to your tasks, Asana’s interface is relatively clean. This helps to keep the focus off the project management tool and on the work itself.

How Does Construction Management Software Work

Most construction management software is cloud-based which means the data is stored on an external server where it can be accessed from just about anywhere. It also keeps your data secure with encryption. Any information such as timesheet data, customer information, etc., is uploaded to the cloud in real-time so the data is available anytime. Most construction software comes with desktop and mobile apps that work with either iOS or Android smartphones.

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The Best Project Management Tool For Small Business

This is why small businesses and thousands of other teams love ActiveCollab.
  • What struck me was the simplicity of it. I had always thought the whole point of a project management tool was to make it easier to manage a project. But it seemed like a lot of them did anything but. ActiveCollab is different.

    Izaak Crook

  • I no longer have to spend 80 hours a week on data crunching and life is good. As for our company, we can now deliver real value to our clients thanks to our leaner workflow.

    David Robertson

  • With ActiveCollab, I can easily check what happened the day before and get the clear picture of what is happening in the company. Whatâs more, ActiveCollab helps me each day and keeps me regularly updated, in real time.

    Grant Phillips

Construction Pm Software Buyers’ Top Requested Features

Construction Management Software For Small Business - (2)

The construction PM software capabilities most-often requested by buyers in our 2016 buyer report reflect the key functions highlighted above:

  • Job costing: 37%

  • Document management: 25%

  • Project scheduling: 24%

Combined, these applications make project management the number one business process construction firms sought to automate and streamline in 2016.

Top-Requested Construction Software Functionality

Source: Construction Industry Trends | SMB Buyer Report 2016

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Affordable Pricing For Agile Teams

Another great thing about Jira is its generous pricing. A small team of up to 10 users can use it entirely for free, meaning its a great pick for small companies. The upgrade to the Standard plan wont break the bank, though, costing just $7.5 per user per month. Only nTask is cheaper, and isnt one of the best agile tools.


How Do I Choose The Best Construction Management Software

The key is to do an honest assessment of your company right now. You cant fix something if you dont know its broken and running a business is hard work. But you can ask yourself questions like:

  • What information do I wish I had?
  • What processes are taking too long?
  • What data do I need to make it easier to grow my company?

Honest answers to questions like this will help point you in the right direction as far as the features you need for a construction software for small business.

Cristina is a former journalist and certified content marketing writer. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves animals, reading, and fishing.

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Advanced Business Plans & Features

The Business and Enterprise plans include a number of really cool functions for larger companies, like setting milestones and plotting timelines . Though theyre likely not on the top of a small business list, it makes Asana an interesting option for a company planning for growth.

That said, these advanced plans are pretty pricey and, truth be told, so is the Premium plan, which is the upgrade from the free plan. With Asana, it seems you either pay nothing or a lot. Still, its good value for the money, and we recommend either giving the free version a spin or trying out one of the paid plans with a 30-day free trial.


  • Not the belle of the ball
  • Tutorials are a bit short
  • Big jump in prices

Our third place is reserved for Wrike. At first, we were going to give the post to nTask for its budget plans, but then we figured Wrikes great reporting features may be more useful for smaller businesses. If you like to quickly gather detailed information about whats going on in your company, then Wrike may be the program for you check out our full Wrike review.

Besides reporting, Wrike also offers a full suite of project management features, like a list, board and even a pretty decent Gantt chart, though nothing that would blow away a dedicated tool like our honorable mention, TeamGantt. It also comes with a spreadsheet view, which is great for old-school project managers but will likely puzzle people new to the job.

Makes Information Accessible And Easy To Find

TOP 3 FREE Project Management Software for Small Business [2021]

Rather than sorting through notes, files, and folders, construction software for small businesses makes finding information easy to find and review. With cloud computing, you can access the data youre looking for, from any PC or smart device, so you no longer have to go to the office to find the information youre looking for.

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The Benefits Of Construction Project Management Software

Across the construction industry, awareness is emerging of the urgent need for improved delivery of projects. Every construction project has a complicated process that causes companies to struggle to succeed. The proper management software will help you simplify complex management phases to boost productivity.

Several key benefits come with using construction project management software:

Make The Jump Into Software

Immersing oneself in technology can help to explore the potential applications and capabilities of new technologies. This exploration can enable individuals to identify opportunities for innovation and creativity. By understanding the potential of new technologies, individuals can create new possibilities for themselves and for others.

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Best Project Management Software For Small Businesses

Our experts

  • Robyn Summers-Emler Grow Online Editor

Our independent reviews are funded in part by affiliate commissions, at no extra cost to our readers.

According to our most recent round of independent research, the best project management software for small businesses is It excels in all of our scoring categories and is, overall, an easy-to-use platform with lots of collaboration features and affordable price plans and deals but it’s just one of a handful of strong choices.

  • ClickUp is the best PM option for budget-conscious small and medium-sized enterprises wanting a functional and capable system, without overspending. Users should try its impressive free tier to get a better idea of the platform.
  • For teams that have many tight deadlines, and want a project management solution that offers good time management tools, Wrike is the best choice.

Project management software is a crucial resource for SMEs. It works by automating your scheduling, organisation, and planning processes, giving you more time to focus on the important aspects of your business.

But its a competitive market, with lots of different products available. To help you decide on a brand, weve carried out an extensive investigation into the seven best available platforms on the market. This is based on key decision-making factors told to us by real-life small business owners.

Construction Pm Market Trends

Construction Management Software For Small Business - (3)

These market trends should be considered as you select a software product and vendor:

Software-as-a-Service . SaaS, or cloud-based software, is prevalent in this market. There is a substantial need for improved collaboration between participants, and web-based construction tools make that possible. That, and the cost and ease-of-implementation benefits of SaaS have made web-based systems very popular. Most systems are now SaaS or web-enabled and we recommend that buyers seriously evaluate these systems.

Mobile applications. The nature of construction requires that managers spend time in the field, and those managers want to stay connected to their software applications. As a result, there is huge demand for construction apps. The booming popularity of smartphones and iPads is accelerating this trend. Pay close attention to the mobile apps available, and platforms supported, for each vendor.

LEED credit tracking. LEED certification is increasingly popular, but requires diligent LEED tracking during construction. More and more systems are offering LEED tracking applications. These automate detailed tracking of points required to achieve certification. Firms that will be building to LEED standards should carefully evaluate the LEED tracking capabilities of the software products they consider.

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